the light at the end of the tunnel

We have survived demo and drywall, electrical and plumbing, all the inspections. And finally, we are starting to see the light at the end of the remodeling tunnel.  Will I jinx myself if I say that the worst of it is over?

Day Twelve – Hardwoods replaced.  You can see where the walls used to be.


The temporary wall came down…at least for a short while.  It was nice to finally see what the open room would look like (if you use your imagination, that is).


Day Thirteen – Sheetrock.  Hooray for new walls!


Day Sixteen – This was the day that I started to lose it.  The dust and disorder truly got to me.


Day Eighteen – Cleaner house, more peace of mind


Day Nineteen – The tile in the bathroom off the kitchen is done.


Day Twenty – Cabinets.  Whew!


Today they are replacing the crown molding and baseboards.  Tomorrow the family room should be done.  Since the kitchen now opens up to the family room, we decided to go ahead and remove all of the wood paneling and have it resurfaced and repainted.  It has made such a big difference already!

The family room in progress…


It will be nice to have one room back and almost done.  Now that the walls are a nice white, I think I’d like to paint the fireplace too.  The wish list never ends.


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