six things: finding happiness

Sometimes, the things that are making you happy are easy to find – hot beignets on vacation, a glass of wine with a seldom-seen friend, getting lost in a book. But other weeks, we have to remind ourselves to see what’s good in our everyday lives.  Last week was a really good week.  I want to write it all down so that when I start to forget, I can flip back to this page and remember.

1.  The remodel.  Of course.  The walls are gone, and we can begin to see the new kitchen taking shape.  Dusty but full of promise.

2.  A new computer.  My old laptop, my trusty buddy, has been limping along for more than a year. I finally got a new one last week.  It isn’t as exciting as an iPad or new phone, but my work life became ten times easier when I opened the box.


3.  Only two more weeks of school.  Honestly, this should have been number one.  I love summer vacation.  Love it.  No early morning alarms, no homework, the schedule is easy, and bedtime is relaxed.  I only have a handful more of these, and I plan to enjoy every single one.

4.  Only two more weeks of school means only two more weeks at this school.  We attended a new family picnic at my daughter’s new school, and we are all very excited about the educational changes in store.  New schools, new educational philosophies, no more private school tuition, which means many more adventures.

5. A fantastic week at the farm.  Watching my child be this brave is a continuing source of happiness.  She’s had a rough year of riding, and it’s done my heart good to see her find her way back to the fun of it.


6.  Popsicles.  We bought our first popsicles of the year yesterday afternoon.  It’s funny what a small thing can do to brighten a hot and dusty and complain-y afternoon.


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