and so it begins

We have packed and packed and packed. And done laundry and cleaned and rearranged. And mentally prepared ourselves for living for (at least) six weeks without a kitchen or laundry room. We baked the last cake, cooked the last pizza, and said our goodbyes to our kitchen. And then, yesterday, the big day finally arrived.  The kitchen is no more.  Right now, it’s an empty shell of dust and sheetrock with parts of the ceiling missing and insulation raining down from the attic.  It’s a mess, for sure.


This is the old kitchen.  Now all gone.  Hooray!  All those purple squares?  They were sticky notes that said “empty.” I kept obsessively checking the cabinets to make sure I hadn’t forgotten something, so I decided to write myself notes.  It worked.


This bathroom has been demolished, too.  It was such an embarassing eyesore.


These walls and the wood paneling are still there, but they will be gone soon.  And look at that pillow!  I love it — it’s the inspiration piece for the new family room.

At the end of day one, this is what it all looked like…


It’s a mess, but it’s our mess.  And there is dust EVERYWHERE. But you’ve got to tear it all down to build it back up again, right?


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