signs of spring/leaps of faith

The remaking of our home has begun in earnest. I have convinced my family to take a leap of faith with me this year, and this is our second step on that path.  (The first? Not signing the contract for our kids to return to private school in the fall. That decision is a whole other story.)  The goal is to remodel the house we’ve been in for several years into what we envisioned when we first moved in. Then we’ll stay another year or two before selling.

We want to be in a house where we can take care of our family as it grows.  We want to have a lifestyle that’s more fulfilling and sustainable.  We want to feel good about the choices we make — both monetary and emotional — and we want our kids to be happy.  This will all take us there.  I have to believe it.

bamboo roses

The front of the house is coming along slowly but surely.  Gardening is not my strong suit, but I love these two plants from the front porch.

I worked on the kids’ rooms last week, and both are thrilled with the results. Next week, we start with remodeling the kitchen.

In the midst of all of this, we have the end of the school year and all the accompanying performances and events. And we’re saying goodbye to a school that in some ways we’re sad to leave and in other ways we are so ready to be gone from. (And while I was writing this, my son came in to tell me about his sad day at school — it’s truly time for that chapter to end.)

We’re at an exciting point in our lives. It’s like that crouch that you have to take before you jump really high. We’re feeling overwhelmed and a bit uncertain right now, but when we’re ready, you won’t believe how high we go.


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