working on the house

So, our life has been full of big changes lately.  Our daughter was accepted to a new school — a really great public school, in fact — and that has changed so much for us. Instead of sacrificing and saving our pennies, we have some financial breathing room again. Instead of moving to the suburbs to save some money, we’re able to stay in city we love.   But most importantly, we don’t have to leave our neighborhood and home and friends.  What a relief.

Once we settled all of that — and let me tell you, it’s been months that we’ve been worrying about what we will do and where we will be next school year — we started to work on the house.  We love our house but it’s been in need of some TLC for quite a while now.  Since we’re staying at least another year or two, we are diving in headfirst.

So this is happening today…


The yard is tilled up and ready for new sod.


The hideous wrought iron railing is off the front porch and ready for me to work whatever magic I can manage.


I’m hoping that it will eventually look a little more like this one from Martha Stewart.

Martha Stewart - Yellow Door

I can do amazing things when I set my mind to it.  Really.

Once the front yard is done, we’re moving to the inside of the house: replacing the carpet in the kids’ rooms so that they’re done, remodeling the kitchen to bring it into this century, giving our bathrooms a facelift. I’m hoping it will all be done by the time summer begins. I have such big dreams for our summer.

It’s nice to know where you’re going to be.


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