a day at the zoo

The thing about contemplating a move is when you realize how much you are leaving. A new town seems so bright and shiny and full of promise. A new house, a new school, a new start. But then you look around you and realize how much you love the comfortable present—the well-worn path to school and friends’ houses; our favorite dish at the restaurant down the street; being able to drive past a street or a building and say, “I remember when….”

In short, we’ve started thinking about all of the reasons why we should stay.

With my mind full of memories and “why haven’t we done this lately” and the promise of a free day, we ventured out to the zoo.

Giraffes at the zoo


the family

When I stop to think about all of the things that we used to do when the kids were little but never seem to have time for anymore, the list is quite long: zoos, museums, aquariums, public gardens, restaurants, even the park.  We live in an amazing place. So I think we’re going to hold off on trying to move, at least for a little while. We’re going to continue fixing up the house, except we’re doing it for us. We’re going to continue to find the good in where we are instead of hoping the grass is greener in the next city.

We’re all longing for something new. But maybe it’s here.


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